Mob AU?

Can someone explain to me what a “Mob AU” is? Because I have two prompts about that, but no idea what it is.

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  1. placeofold answered: Its an alternative universe story where the characters are in the mob. Hope that helps!
  2. kneelingtothenorthernlights answered: mob au = where the characters are mobsters, either mafia dons of simply involved in the organized crime world
  3. tilldeathfreesyou answered: well, if you’re writing a bond fic, he’ll pretty much be the assassin of the mafia. Basically the illegal ver of MI6
  4. prizzlesticks answered: An alternate universe that deals with mobster/mafia/gang dynamics. Think ‘The Godfather’, I’d say.
  5. accidentallyshipping answered: Guessing, them in a Mob rather than MI6. Other side of the law. Can be small - London, or international scale :)
  6. 007-reporting answered: Like…Gangsters pretty much
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